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Rocking the Daisies - quite literally.



The Problem

Rocking the Daisies is an annual, iconic music festival held near Cape Town. To promote this year’s event, we wanted to find a way for people to show their love for music in a unique, physical way. Something that was not only inspired by music, but by the event itself.

The Solution

Taking our lead from the festival, we designed an innovative installation that would travel around to various locations leading up to the event. Inspired by the daisies, we decided to Rock the Daisies – quite literally.

The Execution

A Makey Makey is the easiest way to combine the physical and digital worlds. We hooked one up to a custom-built plant box that we had filled with daisies - each one had its own signal. Using music production software Ableton on a laptop, we hooked each trigger up to the corresponding daisy.

  • Touching the daisy triggered a loop in Ableton, allowing users to create their own song based on a multi-layered, 12 Channel musical arrangement that we had created.
  • The signal was transmitted to the plants through dirt and the plant’s irrigation system, and non-conductive wood separated each daisy to ensure that signals didn’t get crossed.
  • By taking a real world object, we created a new kind of instrument and each person created a new, unique soundtrack. From electro, to acapella, to rock - you could literally Rock the Daisies!

The Results

With very little budget and even less time, we created a unique experience that was not only fun and memorable, but tied directly back to the music festival - creating huge awareness and anticipation.

How it worked

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