Hollard Ascend


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The Problem

People find their finances confusing and intimidating. It’s all crazy jargon, complex navigating and graph after graph. Most people just don’t understand it.



The Solution

Hollard ASCEND gives people a holistic view of their finances and puts it into perspective so they can really understand it. It gives them the deepest, most meaningful insight into their situation, without them having to do any of the work themselves.


The Execution & UX

We know that dashboards can be intimidating and as a result, we had to ensure that the experience we provided was friendly, approachable and would change the way they look at their finances forever.


Optimised for both tablet and desktop, it was designed to feel likes an app – and to be inspiring, not intimidating.

Immediately, we decided on an interface that is fun, smart and accessible. No jargon, no complicated navigation.

The user’s personal position is put into perspective and is made relevant to their unique situation.


Using simple, drag and drop interactions, users can set goals on the timeline and create a vision for their future.

Every screen allows users to switch views, interact with content, and gives definitions and explanations – with a clear focus on empowerment and financial education.

We focused on making the experience more personal from a relationship point of view as well. Clients and their advisors can contact each other straight from the tool.


The advisor stores all the client’s personal documents and contracts within the tool for easy reference.

We aimed for optimism. For example, rather than tell someone they can’t afford to educate their children – as an aspirational goal, Hollard ASCEND will show them the monthly savings needed to get there.

Now, people don’t just get a holistic view of their finances… they finally make sense of their future.

Thanks to its customisation and simple design, Hollard ASCEND means that people don’t just get a holistic view of their finances… they can finally make sense of their future.

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